London Coup is a bloody marry mix brand based on the story of Queen Mary I who ruled England and Ireland between 1553 -1558. Queen Mary I is best known for her aggressive attempt to reverse the English Reformation and series of executions of innocent people based only on their religion only. London Coup calls for poetic justice and metaphorically executes Queen Mary herself every time a can is opened. Off with her head!
 Ecologically aware package design for Boker's Shaving blade. Design is using minimal ink and paper to package the item. In addition, the display can be re-used as a space-efficient storage system for small bathrooms.
 50/50 is a sub-brand I created for the existent healthy snacks brand called bare. It is a multi pack afternoon treat for piglets and their owners. Pigs are very similar to humans; They crave for attention, eat dried fruits and tend to be obese. Individuals who own pigs, take a lot of pride in them. 50/50 allows pig owners to take their special pet on a long walk and share together a healthy snack along the way.